Pom Pom Roads

Yesterday I was inspired by another mommy blogger (The Pinterested Parent) to try some pom pom crafts with my toddler. She had made these adorable pom pom bugs with her daughter, and I thought it would be fun to try with my son. I even went to the dollar store and got all sorts of craft stuff. I was excited to try a new craft with the boy.

However, all did not go as plan, which I guess can be expected when trying something new with a toddler. Maybe it was the glue I used; maybe the pom poms were of cheap quality. Maybe this new craft was too much for my son, since our crafting has generally been limited to coloring and finger painting up until this point. I don’t know.

All was not lost though. Instead, we made pom pom roads! My boy is a car and truck obsessed little one, so I thought well, surely if we build a road together, then maybe it would pave the way to future pom pom crafting. We’ll see about that another day.

What we ended up doing was taking a few pieces of construction paper and gluing them together, and using pom poms to create the road barriers.



So, sure, it’s something incredibly simple. I don’t even think this would be considered all that crafty. John Avery enjoyed it, and really that’s all that matters.